Jason Kelce’s Speech During the SuperBowl Parade

If I could tell you one thing about Philly, is that it loves the story of the underdog succeeding in the end, and that’s exactly what happened with the SuperBowl this year.

I did end up watching the parade go by (fortunately it rolled right in front of my office so I was able to watch it live from my desk) but I did not in fact watch Jason Kelce’s speech live: that would have required standing out in the cold with a bunch of drunk, rowdy people, which…. no thank you.

Jason Kelce did give a pretty great speech though, which is below if you would like to watch. It’s uncensored though, so I would suggest wearing some headphones or keeping the volume low because, well, it’s Philly. It’s a city full of F-bombs.

Also if you’re wondering, he’s dressed like a Mummer- and for those who are not sure what that is, it’s a group that holds a parade on New Year’s Day which the city started to keep Philadelphians from shooting their guns in the air to celebrate the New Year. No, I’m not kidding.

Anyway, enjoy and have a great day everyone!



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