Foot Sweeps: Great Takedown Options for BJJ

I was just reading an article from Grapple Arts about some judo takedowns that the author feels are great for BJJ- he goes over the suma gaeshi, and the ura nage, but I would make an argument for foot sweeps.

They are pretty unassuming- not the fancy, fun throws that one thinks of when they hear judo. They are however very much a part of kodakan judo, and are great options when it comes to taking down an opponent.

While you may have to change up your entrance since bjj players prefer to stay low and bent over, I usually like a good ko uchi gari or uchi mata to get someone to the ground. My teammates have found success with some foot sweeps as well, including okuriashi harai and sasae tsurikomi ashi. The hardest parts of these throws really is timing: getting just the right moment to catch your opponent off balance.

Just some suggestions- again, not the huge throws that one thinks about, but they are effective and I would suggest giving them a try. That’s all for today- have a great day everyone!


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2 responses to “Foot Sweeps: Great Takedown Options for BJJ

  1. When i was active duty in the Corps (02-10) we practiced the uchi mata and reaper a ton. The uchi mata because we frequently found ourselves face to face with someone that we needed to control, and the reaper because it felt so awkward and we hadnt spent enough time grappling to really know what we were doing, but thought it would be a quality alternate to the throw, and you end up in a fairly advantageous position at the end.

  2. Enjoyed your post, I did judo for years and thought I was fairly handy at the ground game, I even tapped my teacher a few times. Went to no gi ju jitsu then and got manhandled on the ground 😂 deffinately an ego check

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