More Wacky Health Crazes- Because Why Not

Listen, I’m not typically one to judge- the jiu jitsu community has it’s own variety of crazy health advice and things that go outside of the “norm”. The Gracie Diet, Gymnastica Natural was a thing for a while, and who knows what other things the kids are trying these days to train harder, faster, stronger.

As far as I’m aware however, no one has or ever will ask you to stick anything where the sun don’t shine in order to improve your jiu jitsu game.

I’m mentioning this because Gwyneth Paltrow’s health brand “GOOP”  is trying (this time) to persuade its readers to at best make themselves a little comfortable, and at worst serious put their lives in danger with some homemade coffee enemas.

Just…. just stop. If you want to read about this craziness, check out the article on IFLScience, and have a good day everyone.

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