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BJJ Black Belt Draws Popular Cartoons as BJJ Players

This is pretty cute: apparently a BJJ black belt has been drawing different popular cartoon characters as doing jiu jitsu:

I feel like I’ve had a similar conversation with one of our students(still a white belt and got his gi embroidered with his name…just…sigh.)

Anyway, feel free to take a look and have a great day everyone!


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Happy Friday: Wash Your Hands Edition

I know I haven’t posted all week: I’ve been under the weather over the past few days- and what feels like the upteenth time this cold and flu season. I wash my hands what feels like ever hour, but apparently that hasn’t been enough.

Wash your hands and cover your mouths when you cough, people! Probably in the reverse order, now that I’m seriously thinking about it.

That’s all for now- have a great weekend!


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Happy Friday! Some Football Game is Happening this Weekend, I Think?

Happy Friday everyone!

So, full disclosure, I don’t watch football. There’s something infuriating to me about the stops, and the starts…and the stops, and the starts… and then someone moves two feet and then proceeds to do a little dance about it.

Anyway, I’m being told that there’s an important football game happening this weekend. And, in anticipation of Philadelphia being- well, Philadelphia- there have been multiple warnings to people that they should prepare for a riot.

Guys, that only happens when Philly wins.

Anyway, have a great weekend and hopefully you will not encounter a riot in your hometown this weekend.

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Science! AI Recreates Images from Inside the Human Brain

There have been many times during teaching jiu jitsu that I wished this was a thing. Fortunately I’m fairly articulate enough to explain myself, but several time I have expressed a wish that the image in my head be projected on a wall, I could point to it and say “here, do this, not that”

And we are one step closer to that glorious future: artificial intelligence is on its way to recreating images that are in the human brain.


As you can see, it’s not quite there yet, but it’s an exciting start!

Anyway, check out the article on IFLScience to learn more about it and have a great day everyone!

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Kyra Gracie Organizing Women’s Only Tournament

Well this is pretty cool: according to FloGrappling, Kyra Gracie posted on her instagram account that she is organizing a women’s only tournament. only down side? It’s March 24th and in Rio de Janeiro. March 24th in the States? I would totally be scouring for some flights. Rio de Janeiro and in say December? I would be saving up my pennies and looking into arrangements (and ways to avoid raining spiders), but the two together unfortunately just don’t work for me.

March of 2019, maybe? I would be down for that. Anyway, check the article out and have a great day everyone!

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Science! Interactive Map of Radioactive Drinking Water

Huh, well this is interesting: there’s a post on IFLScience about an interactive map that shows if you are drinking radioactive water (while one would hope that it would give you super jiu jitsu powers, it’s more likely that it will increase your risk of developing cancer. Sorry.)

I thought Southeast Pennsylvania/Mid Atlantic region would be pretty bad, but that area’s got nothing on Central Texas. According to this map, just don’t drink the tap water there….

Anyway, check it out and have a great day everyone!

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Article on Remembering David Jacobs

Valerie Worthington wrote a lovely article on remembering David Jacobs- I didn’t know him personally, but he was a familiar face at IBJJF tournaments and it’s always sad when someone in the jiu jitsu community passes.

Anyway, check out her article and have a good day everyone.

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More Wacky Health Crazes- Because Why Not

Listen, I’m not typically one to judge- the jiu jitsu community has it’s own variety of crazy health advice and things that go outside of the “norm”. The Gracie Diet, Gymnastica Natural was a thing for a while, and who knows what other things the kids are trying these days to train harder, faster, stronger.

As far as I’m aware however, no one has or ever will ask you to stick anything where the sun don’t shine in order to improve your jiu jitsu game.

I’m mentioning this because Gwyneth Paltrow’s health brand “GOOP”  is trying (this time) to persuade its readers to at best make themselves a little comfortable, and at worst serious put their lives in danger with some homemade coffee enemas.

Just…. just stop. If you want to read about this craziness, check out the article on IFLScience, and have a good day everyone.

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Article on Weight Classes

Hey all, there’s an interesting article from Jess Fraser about weight classes and a lot of the weird weight issues that come with it.

I agree with her that for a lot of women it turns into an obsession to lose weight, to just get to that lower weight class, and easily becomes a fertile breeding ground for some real eating disorders and a variety of psychological issues. As someone who used to be heavier, it has often felt like a personal failure when I couldn’t get to that next weight class down that I was trying so hard to get to. Now? There’s still a little bit of that struggle, but frankly now I just sort of shrug my shoulders. I still work to lose weight for tournaments, but I’m not as worried about it. There have also been a series of tournaments where I’ve just said “screw it” and have registered for a higher weight class, just so I didn’t have to worry about making weight and could use that focus on other, important elements of my life.

And when I’ve done that, I’ve gotten questions from my fellow competitors about why I registered up a weight class, or even a look or two from the people running the tournaments when I weigh in way under the limit. It happens, but oh well- I’m there, I’m competing and I’m not being disqualified so let’s get the party started.

I wish I could impart that feeling on other competitors- and hell, even myself on those bad days, but it’s going to take a while before we all get to that point.

Anyway, check the article out and have a great day everyone!















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Happy Friday! Silly Fad Edition

I keep hearing about this, and it still astounds me that people are falling for it: there’s apparently a “raw water” movement that’s going on in the West Coast. Apparently people feel there are nutrients and minerals that are being stripped from treated water, as well as some probiotic benefit to this spring water. You want to know what else lives in untreated water? Bacteria.


Sigh. just drink the damn treated water, people and have a good weekend.

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