Lessons in Jiu Jitsu That Can Be Applied to the Workplace

Patience: Recently I had a co-worker say, “just how do we teach people patience?” Well, jiu jitsu in my opinion is an excellent way to teach someone patience. Think about the last time you applied a choke and then waited…and waited…and waited for the person to tap. Even when you think you have everything in the bag, success will not come rushing in on swift wings. You have to be patient to truly achieve what you want.

Grit: Goes hand in hand with patience- it takes tremendous fortitude to get to a black belt in jiu jitsu and it sometimes fortitude, or grit if you prefer the term, is needed in the workplace in order to get the task at hand completed. Just like you need to dig out the submission, I’m sure there are times in your job where a problem seems insurmountable and you have to “dig” out the solution.

Creating Muscle Memory so You Can Look for Opportunity: So, I work on the admin/marketing side of real estate- time and time again the people on the sales side are encouraged to learn certain scripts for talking to potential clients.

Sounds less weird than it really is, I promise.

On the sales end, much like a jiu jitsu match, while really anything can happen you know that by and large certain things are going to happen. There are going to be certain  phrases that people use, certain common moves they are probably going to make, etc. For jiu jitsu, it’s drilling- for sales agents, it’s script practice. Same concept- drilling common techniques and counters so when you get to a “live” situation, you can detect and act on the opportunity that presents itself.

That’s all for today- have a great day everyone!


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