Happy Friday! Bold Statement Edition

Happy Friday everyone! I have a bold statement to make….

When it comes to low calorie ice creams, I don’t think Halotop is the best.

Come at me, bro.

I know they are enjoying their time in the sun- with fun flavors and slick marketing campaigns (or really weird ones). But personally I think Enlightened ice cream actually achieves the ice cream flavor that we’re all looking for, without all the calories, of course. Whenever I eat Halotop it always tastes on the verge of freezerburn: there’s always a slight hint of ice crystals in each pint. I don’t get that with the Enlightened ice creams- granted, they are sometimes rock hard when you buy the pint, but from what I understand that’s common with ice cream that’s been made with a sugar substitute like erythitol.

So, that’s my admission/bold statement for the day. Have a great weekend everyone!


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