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Science! Apparently Liking the Song “No Diggity” May Make You More Likely To Be A Psychopath

Well, crap.

I’m taking this study with a grain of salt, but apparently psychopaths enjoy rap and heavy metal rather than classical music and jazz.

Why we’re particularly targeting this sweet jam from Blackstreet, I’m not sure.

Also, can we talk about the kind of conversation that had to ensue in order to get this stock photo?


I’m confused. And yet, intrigued.

Anyway, check it out and have a great day everyone!


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Close (Enough) to Halloween!


It’s almost Halloween!

We’re a little more than a month away from my favorite holiday- close enough that I find justification to listen to one of my favorite Halloween songs, which I am now sharing with you- enjoy and have a great day!


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Training, Coaching and the Like

Hey Everyone,

I know last week was a little bit of a doozy- rest assured I’m still training


….and still working on trying to be photogenic. Also, contrary to what the photo may suggest, I do not have jaundice.

I’ve also been helping to coach/support our team:


Just haven’t been posting much: I can’t totally promise that I’m back on the wagon, but I’m making an effort.

This past weekend we had a group of competitors raise money and compete in Tap Cancer Out: it’s a great tournament for a great cause, and if one’s coming through your area I would highly suggest checking it out.

Have a great day everyone!

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Helping Hands: Hurricane Harvey Relief Efforts

So, heads up, this post has absolutely nothing to do with jiu jitsu.

Last week I and a bunch of others went to Texas last week to help the residents of Houston rebuild their lives after Hurricane Harvey. And trust me, there was a lot to be done. Some of the things that we did included sorting food at a food bank in Austin, working to sort and pack clothes/supplies for the Austin Disaster Relief Network, and actually reaching out with another group to help clean out and do demolition work on the homes that needed wet, moldy items and materials removed from there homes.


And trust me, there was a lot to clean out (those are fish that were found under some flooring, in case you were wondering).

It was a great experience, to actually be able to go out there and help the people of Houston. There is a part of me that’s sad (and kind of upset, to be honest), that we weren’t able to help more people. There’s just so much to be done, and while we worked as hard as we could, there’s just a ton more to be done out there.

If you can, I would ask that people take a moment to donate something, anything really, to help these people out- for those affected by either Harvey or Irma.  They have a lot of rebuilding to do.

That’s all for today: have a great day everyone!

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Heading to Texas

Hey Everyone,

I’m headed to Texas this week to put in some manual labor and de-mucking some houses that were effected by the hurricane with some other volunteers.

While I’m getting down and dirty in Texas, enjoy this article on logically expanding your jiu jitsu, and have a great week everyone!


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Hey Everyone,

Hopefully you all had a great Labor Day weekend. Unfortunately I came down with one of the worst colds I’ve had in the past decade, and so spent the 3 day weekend downing cold medicine and catching up on TV that I’ve been meaning to watch (mainly Handmaid’s Tale and a period drama called Taboo, in case anyone is interested).

Anyway, while I’m not totally out of the woods, I am alive: enjoy some Sia while I’m trying to catch up on all the things I neglected while I was recovering, and have a great day everyone!


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