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Coaching and What it Means to You

So I’ve had a professional coach for the past few months, and frankly I’ve been having some trouble really finding a groove with that coach. I’m starting to wonder if at least part of the problem has to do with what a “coach” means to me, especially with my background in jiu jitsu.

While I’m not expecting the coach at my job to show me some new, slick submissions, I think there are some expectations that I may be bringing in to the relationship due to past experience. For instance, your coach is also usually your instructor- for the most part, anyway. They are usually intimate with your struggles because they have seen you train, they have rolled with you on occasion and have watched you roll with others, pointing out certain positions or sticking points and offering suggestions how to get around them.

To be fair, that may not be everyone’s experience when it comes to coaching. Maybe your teacher and your coach to two entirely different people- the coach being there to lead and motivate, while the teacher is there to perform more of the day to day tasks.

Do I think a coach needs to be there every single time you train? No, but I think they should be around on a fairly regular enough basis to understand your style, so they can aptly and accurately offer suggestions on how to better your game. Or really work to get to know the person by asking questions about common sticking points, and seeing what sticks in order to work on common problem areas, brainstorming or offering suggestions that the person being coached can then put their own spin on.

What does having a coach mean to you? Just curious. Let me know- otherwise have a great day everyone!



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