Results and Thoughts on EBI 12

Last night was the 12th Eddie Bravo Invitational, or EBI 12. This one was particularly interesting because it was an all women card. I was only able to watch the first round and two matches in the quarter finals (because of that whole pesky “work in the morning thing”) but it seemed to be a pretty exciting event.

The eventual winner was Erin Blanchfield over Gabi McComb via armbar in overtime- good for her.

The only other thing I’ll say about the event is that while combat jiu jitsu- striking while on the ground- seems like a good idea in theory, watching it in practice I’m not totally sold on it. I think it’s more appropriate if the match is being stalled one way or another, but in the little I saw, it seemed like competitors were trying to strike one another while a legitimate submission attempt was going on, which was a little silly in my opinion.

Those are just my thoughts. Also, having an event at 9pm on a Sunday night would not be my top pick for an event. Especially while Game of Thrones is running. Just sayin’.

For those who watched, what were your impressions? Also, for anyone who missed the event, you can find them here.

Have a great day everyone!



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One response to “Results and Thoughts on EBI 12

  1. kayfit16

    I loved it! I was so excited to finally see an all female EBI. I’ve seen just about every EBI event and always got excited for the women’s superfight matches (espeically Grace Gundrum). Women are coming up in the ranks and they are becoming more and more in BJJ and that alone is a success in itself. I agree, I felt that the combat part of the matches was a little soft compared to the previous EBI men’s combat matches but even one of the previous ones there was hardly any striking done unless a threat of a submission was there. We will occasionally practice combat jiu jitsu in my school. Although it’s not full out striking, we are making our partners, and ourselves aware if you are in a real on the ground situation those strikes are going to happen. They also benefit for our MMA fighters, showing them specific openings in positions, and how to avoid them if you are caught in them as well. I think that these specific matches depend on the practitioners. There are some that were pretty slap happy, and some that weren’t. I’d like to see more of it for sure. 🙂

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