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Science! Article on Sleep Deprivation Making the Brain “Eat” Itself

Well this is a bit concerning: a recent study suggests that the brain “eats” itself when it experiences chronic sleep deprivation.

Check out the article and have a great day everyone!

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Article on Black Belt Brackets for 2017 IBJJF Worlds

Hey Everyone,

Worlds are this weekend, and Jiu Jitsu Magazine has an article on who they think are the most likely competitors to win each black belt bracket.

Personally, I hope the underdog or someone totally out of left field wins, just to keep things interesting.

Check out the article and have a great day everyone!


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Science! Jiu Jitsu is Beneficial for Your Brain

As if we needed additional evidence…

IFLScience has an article about how aerobic exercise is not only beneficial for the heart, but for the brain as well.

Take a look at the article and have a great day everyone!

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Spring/Summer Cold Epidemic

I don’t know about you all, but around the Mid-Atlantic States it seems like as the weather is warming up, people seem to be dropping like flies due to a late spring/early summer epidemic of colds and the like.

As always, be sure to take care of yourself, get plenty of rest, and for pete’s sake if you know you’re sick, don’t go and train- no one doubts your commitment and no one sure as hell wants the same virus you have.

No offense, we cherish you as a person but in no way want to succumb to the same illness.

Take care, everyone!

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BJJ Injuries and Recovery: The “Danger Zone” of Almost Feeling 100%

There’s a “danger zone” if you will in BJJ, which I’m sure we’re all familiar with: it’s that point where you are feeling better- a whole lot better in fact. You feel like you could possibly train like you normally would and then BAM! You’ve set your recovery back a few weeks because you did something you shouldn’t have.

It’s always tricky, being in that space where you come back from an injury, you start to feel great and so then you convince yourself that it’s ok to turn up the intensity. While you may feel ok, your body/ whatever part of it you happened to have injured may not be up to the task just yet.

It’s frustrating, I know, but it really is beneficial to take your time getting back to full intensity with training. Don’t think of it as holding yourself back, but rather investing in your future: the more you allow an injury to heal now, the less you will set yourself back and prolong the injury.

That’s all for today folks- have a great day everyone!

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The Benefits of Failing in BJJ

No one really likes it, or truly wants to admit it, but there are some upsides to failing on both a smaller and larger scale.

Let’s talk about the larger scale first: you spend months preparing for a tournament. You train nonstop for months to step out on the mat and then… You lose.

Frustrating, to be sure: we like to think we will reap the rewards of the effort we put into something, even something as (frankly unpredictable) as a match. But, in addition to a humbling experience, one that exposes your weaknesses and shows you what you need to work on…you know, if you let it.

In a smaller context, failing at executing some technique for example gives you an opportunity to practice your exit strategy- just how you are going to react when things fail. This is an important skill, learning to recover from a failure. Even if you practice a technique a million times, it’s not infallible, and sometimes knowing how to recover from that failure is just as important as learning how to perform the technique itself.

So, remember to tell yourself that it’s ok to fail now and again. It lends itself to opportunity and other learning experiences you otherwise might not have.

Have a great day everyone!

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Article on White Belts Learning from White Belts

Hey Everyone,

BJJ Self Help has an article/some advice on white belts teaching each other. While I agree a good brainstorming session never hurt anyone, when in doubt ask a higher belt.

Take a look and have a great day everyone!


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Paulo Miyao Fails USADA Drug Test

Well, in disappointing news, Paulo Miyao failed the USADA drug test recently leading to his suspension from the sport for the next 2 years.

I understand the pressure is tremendously high: the pressure to do well and look good for whatever academy you’re representing, not to mention the various sponsorships that these players need to keep continuing to engage in the sport, but these guys playing Russian roulette with their jiu jitsu careers, and that’s tremendously concerning.

Anyway, check out the article, and remember kids, say no to performance enhancing drugs.



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The Necessity of Etiquette in an Academy

It may seem silly- I totally get it- but believe it or not etiquette really does have place in an academy.

There are several reasons why etiquette is necessary in an academy, and it may surprise you. First and foremost, safety. There are certain things you allowed and not allowed to do in a gym simply because it’s not safe to do whatever you want. By doing so, you could potentially put yourself and your teammates at risk of injury or disease.

Second reason? Respect. It shows respect to your partners, respect to your coach/instructor, and respect to your academy. And they do deserve a level of respect: they are taking the time out of their day to roll with you. You can use a grappling dummy all day, but it’s nothing compared to drilling and rolling with a real, live human.

So while it may seem unusual, it is important to follow the etiquette of the academy.

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Science! 3D Model Shows Brain After Heavy Impact

This may come to the surprise of absolutely no one, but high impact sports can do a pretty nasty number on your noggin. It’s one of the nice things about jiu jitsu: there’s little to practically no risk of slamming your head into someone or something else.

IFLScience has an article with a 3d model of just what happens to the brain when a football player collides forcefully into another football player.

Check it out and have a great day everyone!

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