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A Tale of Two BJJ Seminars

Hey Everyone,

Last week our academy had two great seminars take place- one was with David Avellan to go over his “Kimura Trap” system, and the other was with de La Riva black belt Vicente Junior and Samir Chantre.

It was definitely interesting to have both seminars in the same week: both were great seminars and all the instructors were friendly and knowledgeable, but also it gave us great opportunities to learn a lot of material and compare the two seminar instruction styles.

First, Avellan seems to have the seminar routine down pat: he started the seminar right on time, informing us there was a lot to get through so let’s get the party started. And there was a lot of information- he even had an org chart printed out of all the items he intended to go through. For a three hour seminar he managed to cram a lot in, answer questions and still keep the momentum going, going over all the different positions from where you can attack with a kimura: from full guard, half guard, stand up, tying your shoes, doing your taxes- all of it.

The second seminar was a little slower paced: as you know people will inevitably show up late to a seminar, so we started a little late. It was more broken up into two smallerish seminars, Vicente or “VJ” going over some of the finer details of the de la Riva guard, and Chantre showing some sweeps from the leg lasso open guard. There was a good deal about certain fundamentals, and a focus on some finer details that people tend to forget about the de la Riva guard. The leg lasso portion had some interesting sweeps and details I hadn’t seen before, so that was pretty interesting.

Again, both seminars were fun and full of instruction, instructors were all friendly helpful, and it was a pleasure to experience both (very different) teaching styles.


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