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Science! Article on Possibly Why Deep Breathing Calms You

We tell people all the time to breathe in jiu jitsu: while we usually give students that instruction so they don’t hyperventilate or become out of breath while rolling, sometimes it;s also a way to get the person to calm down, and science is possibly starting to figure out why.

According to the article on IFLScience, “there is a small patch of neurons in your brain that keeps tabs on how you’re breathing, and then relays this data to another part of the brain responsible for your state of mind. Researchers found that if these neurons were killed in mice, the rodents became far more relaxed and had a reduced sense of alertness.”

Sort of makes sense- if you’re breathing heavily, your brain thinks it’s under duress and increases anxiety.

Anyway, check out the article and have a great day everyone!

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