BJJ and the Point of No Return

I’ve received questions like this before, and my coach brought it up in class recently. In jiu jitsu thre is *almost* an answer to everything, but there is such a thing as a “point of no return”. I’ll get questions about how to get out of a position where the person literally has nothing, their partner is holding all the cards, and then they ask what they should do in that situation.

There does come a point where you have let things get to such a point where- sorry friend- you’re just not getting out of that submission. The tap, really, is your way of getting out. Not the answer you want I know, but sometimes the truth hurts. You’ve done a lot of wrong things to get to that point, and that’s the un-fun conclusion.

The good news however is the fact that you have to let things get so far before you get to that point of no return. Stop the progression before that final lockdown of a submission and  you still have a chance of getting out. Easier said than done, I fully realize this, but it should give you at least a little bit of hope. Keep working to stay out of that point of no return, and you still have the fighting chance.

That’s all for today folks- have a great day!



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