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BJJ: It Takes Two to Grapple

One of the most interesting things about jiu jitsu- and for some, one of the biggest drawbacks- is that it takes two to grapple. You can do solo drills that mimic certain actions in jiu jitsu, you can buy an army of grappling dummies (which would be kind of creepy but hey, I don’t judge), but nothing can really compare to having a real, live human being that will drill and train with you.

It’s one of the reasons we talk so much about being respectful to your partner, other than the whole “it’s just polite not to be a jerk to someone that is taking the time and effort to drill and train with you”. You do in fact need that person if you want to practice reacting to certain positions, ways to counter certain reactions, and overall improve your game.

So, in short be kind to your training partner- because it’s the nice and respectful thing to do, and also you have to be careful not to blow through training partners, because they truly are integral to your success.

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