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Competition: Going with a Group vs a “Lone Ranger” Competitor

We have a policy at our academy that may seem a little strange to some, but it works pretty well for us: when it comes to a jiu jitsu competition, unless there’s some special circumstance, no one competes alone. You at least have one other person with you (preferably a coach) and under ideal conditions we bring a whole team of people to a tournament.

I’ve seen the “lone ranger” sort of competitor: the guy without a coach or even another teammate to cheer them on. I’m curious to hear if someone prefers it this way. Personally, I like the idea of having an entire team attend an event, to share the experience and memories with.

Do other people prefer it the other way? If so, why? I imagine there’s some benefit that I’m just not aware of, and am curious to know what it might be.

Let me know- otherwise, have a great day everyone!


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Happy Friday! Words of Wisdom Edition

Happy Friday everyone!

If I have one word of advice to give you, it’s this: don’t cut the bottom of your foot. It’s like a papercut, just 100 times worse and will take forever to heal if you happen to be even a somewhat active person.

That’s my life lesson for all of you: have a great weekend!

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Embrace the New Year’s Newbies

Around this time of year you tend to see memes and cartoons all lamenting the same thing: the gym or academy that one knows and loves being overrun by a bunch of “resolutioners”- people who decided to follow the mantra ‘new year, new me’ and signed up for some sort of gym membership or tried out a class: judo, bjj, crossfit, jazzercise, prancercise… You name it, they’re giving it a go in an attempt to be more physically active and lead a happier, healthier life, and some of them decide they would like to try jiu jitsu for the first time. They’re goofy, uncoordinated- they won’t know (or will forget) the gym’s protocols, etc.

And I say welcome them with patience and open arms.

We were all the goofy, uncoordinated newbie at one point: we all did stupid things, asked seemingly stupid questions, forgot certain bits of etiquette and protocol and what-have-you. Some of us may have even been those resolutioners ourselves that stuck around. But we persevered, and while it’s unlikely that all of those newcomers will stick around, it’s also unfair to blow those people off, or dismiss them out of hand just because they happened to start at the beginning of the year.

And yes, as I mentioned there is a chance that they will drop off after a couple of months. But I would rather that person have a positive association and memories of trying out jiu jitsu rather than someone feeling dismissed during their brief attempt at bjj.

Just my two cents- have a great day everyone!


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Thoughts on MMA Fighter Nunes


I have said before that I didn’t really have a favorite female MMA fighter- there was no one I was really rooting for- but I have to say Amanda Nunes is sort of winning me over.

She has a work ethic I admire, her recent win was impressive to say the least, and so far from what I’ve seen a sportsman like conduct that I prefer to see/hear about as opposed to the trash talking that’s now rampant in the sport and makes me cringe every.single.time.

Just some of my thoughts- let me know what you think, otherwise have a great day everyone!

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New Year’s Goals

Happy New Year everyone!

I’m sure everyone has reflected on what they would like to accomplish this year when it comes to their jiu jitsu: participating in x amount of tournaments, so many training sessions per week, so on and so forth.

I caught a cold the last week of the year, so I’ll eventually come up with some goals to strive for: at the moment I’m just glad I don’t sound like I’m suffering from tuberculosis.

Let me know what your goals are- otherwise, have a great day!


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