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Jiu Jitsu Tournament Prep: Take Care of Your Immune System

I imagine a number of people at this point in time are well into their prep training for tournaments for the upcoming season: from small, local events to the much larger stage of IBJJF Pans and so on, fellow jiu jitsu players are drilling, training, losing the Christmas pounds to make weight and honing their focus in preparation.

While we are all doing this- exercising, eating right, all that good stuff- it’s important to pay attention to one more thing: our immune system. I don’t know about the rest of the country, but I know here on the East Coast in addition to the flu virus, there’s also a nasty stomach virus that’s going around, and we should all (obviously) take precautions to avoid getting sick. With all the training, exercising and all that goes on, we push our bodies which in turn can effect our immune system negatively if we’re not careful.

Washing your hands and maintaining hygiene practices of course is highly preferable, but getting enough sleep is important- or at least I tell myself it is: it gives me a perfect excuse for naps on the weekends- eating properly to also give yourself the proper amount of nutrients (while maintaining your diet) is also important.

And finally, if you do happen to become ill, don’t go to the gym and spread it around! Please and thank you.

So be careful everyoene, keep training and take care of yourselves!


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