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Training in Jiu Jitsu: Stay Curious

When it comes to jiu jitsu (and a good deal of life, to be honest), it truly benefits to maintain a certain level of curiosity.

By all means this doesn’t mean drill and learn techniques to the best of your ability- on the contrary, it means drilling them, breaking down the elements and fully understanding the technique so you can better understand the kinds of questions you need to ask in order to move forward.

Additionally, it sometimes means putting your previous beliefs aside, suspending the doubt that something not might work, and just give it a shot. This typically comes up when an instructor shows a sweep, submission, something that you immediately doubt will work. Well, admittedly it may not be the best technique for you or how your body works, but you won’t really know until you keep an open mind and give it a try.

Finally, it also means being willing to put yourself out there and actually asking a higher belt the questions that you happen to come up with. If you feel a bit resistant to this idea trust me, as a hardcore introvert and someone who never wants to feel like they are inconveniencing someone, I’m right there with you- but I think you will find that if you actually take the time to ask a higher belt some things that you have been mulling over, more often than not I would say there’s a good chance you will find yourself pleasantly surprised at the reaction to your question. I know I’m always happy to chat and answer questions that lower belts ask: it shows they are really thinking about the actions they are taking, the techniques they are learning, and trying to come up with solutions or tweaks in order to improve their jiu jitsu.

Just some thoughts for the day- stay curious, my friends.

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