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Embrace the New Year’s Newbies

Around this time of year you tend to see memes and cartoons all lamenting the same thing: the gym or academy that one knows and loves being overrun by a bunch of “resolutioners”- people who decided to follow the mantra ‘new year, new me’ and signed up for some sort of gym membership or tried out a class: judo, bjj, crossfit, jazzercise, prancercise… You name it, they’re giving it a go in an attempt to be more physically active and lead a happier, healthier life, and some of them decide they would like to try jiu jitsu for the first time. They’re goofy, uncoordinated- they won’t know (or will forget) the gym’s protocols, etc.

And I say welcome them with patience and open arms.

We were all the goofy, uncoordinated newbie at one point: we all did stupid things, asked seemingly stupid questions, forgot certain bits of etiquette and protocol and what-have-you. Some of us may have even been those resolutioners ourselves that stuck around. But we persevered, and while it’s unlikely that all of those newcomers will stick around, it’s also unfair to blow those people off, or dismiss them out of hand just because they happened to start at the beginning of the year.

And yes, as I mentioned there is a chance that they will drop off after a couple of months. But I would rather that person have a positive association and memories of trying out jiu jitsu rather than someone feeling dismissed during their brief attempt at bjj.

Just my two cents- have a great day everyone!


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