New Year’s Goals

Happy New Year everyone!

I’m sure everyone has reflected on what they would like to accomplish this year when it comes to their jiu jitsu: participating in x amount of tournaments, so many training sessions per week, so on and so forth.

I caught a cold the last week of the year, so I’ll eventually come up with some goals to strive for: at the moment I’m just glad I don’t sound like I’m suffering from tuberculosis.

Let me know what your goals are- otherwise, have a great day!


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4 responses to “New Year’s Goals

  1. Meg

    Happy New Year! I decided this year is the year of action goals. So, I will eat a balanced breakfast every day. I will meditate for fifteen minutes on one jiu jitsu technique every day, choosing a new technique each week. Hmm, I think there was another one but I’ve forgotten it already! I guess these two are the important ones! 🙂

  2. I kinda started my resolutions in oct or so and slowly ramped it up, or at least try to align my life around my goals. Some are bjj related, others are more family oriented.

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