Happy Friday! French Rap Edition

Happy Friday everyone!

So, I’ve been working on learning French recently…Well, for a while I was trying to learn about 5 languages at once- I realized I wasn’t given any of them the proper attention so I decided to prioritize my languages and so for now, French is my only focus.  In addition to going through lessons with Duolingo (a pretty handy language learning service) I’ve also been listening to French rap- for a while it was MC Solaar, and for now I’m listening to this guy a lot, Maitre Gims.

Take a moment to listen, or not- regardless, have  great weekend everyone!




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2 responses to “Happy Friday! French Rap Edition

  1. Having you tried Babbel? They had some offer in a magazine a while ago, so I thought I’d give them a go for Turkish. They’ve been pretty good so far: I like Duolingo, which is awesome given it’s free, but I didn’t feel like I was progressing much.

    • Katie

      Haven’t tried Babbel- I’ll give them a shot. Duolingo has been pretty good for practice, but definitely has some shortcomings when it comes to understanding the “why” behind certain things.

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