Aritcle on Metamoris and Ralek Gracie

I’m not one to point fingers, but Ralek Gracie needs to learn to quit when he’s ahead.

Jiu Jitsu Times has an article about how Ralek provided a snippy comment in response to someone suggesting that Metamoris was using entry fees (I’m assuming from the Metamoris Challenger tournament) to pay their previously unpaid fighters.

To be fair, he did offer a more diplomatic response afterwards. But I really think he needs to write down what he’s thinking, step away from the computer for a minute and take a walk around the block, take another look and then hit send. Just sayin’.

Anyway, check out the article and have a great day everyone!



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2 responses to “Aritcle on Metamoris and Ralek Gracie

  1. Perhaps he could use the proceeds from his album sales to help pay those debts 😆

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