Black Belts for Sale: How Can You Sell Experience and Time?

I read an article this morning about how an instructor is  offering a black belt if they spend $150,000 and spend approximately 3-5 years to get their black belt. The author states the offer is serious, and will accept 4 people for every 3 year term.

My question is this: as a black belt, there is so much more than just attending classes, as excellent as I’m sure they are. But there are experiences that you have in each belt which help you grow and mature, all of them necessary not only to progress in rank but also to relate to others who go through the same struggle- the fumbling through white and blue, the honing of your technique through purple and brown, the wins and defeats that you experience through tournaments, the hours upon hours (upon hours) of drills, positional training and the like. All of those things take time: 8 to 10 years seems like forever, but really at the end of it, it feels like the blink of an eye.

How can you decide the price for those sorts of experiences? The person may be physically ready for a black belt, but what about emotionally if they don’t have the time to grow and mature at each belt? To be clear I’m not putting down the author- I’m really just curious, and would be particularly interested in knowing how the student emotionally handles going through the ranks at such a pace.

Just some thoughts for the morning- have a great day everyone!


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One response to “Black Belts for Sale: How Can You Sell Experience and Time?

  1. I’m not a black belt, but I do agree and recognize that people need time to mature through each belt. It makes you more of a well rounded instructor, or so I’d imagine, to have to struggle through the beginning.

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