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Attending Jiu Jitsu Class Can Sometimes Be Like a TV Show

We’ve all seen the formula, particularly with crime shows: the detective, or whoever is working on a hard case is stumped, they just can’t put all of the pieces together. The main character then goes about their life and something seemingly unrelated happens and BAM! Something seemingly unrelated somehow leads to┬áthe last piece of the puzzle: the case is solved and the main character can move on to the next big dilemma that lands on their plate.

Jiu jitsu class can kind of be like that: bear with me here. You’re struggling with a particular technique- you keep trying it, it keeps not working, and there’s just a piece that you can’t seem to figure out. You pick and pick at the pieces, but it all just doesn’t make sense.

You go to class one day and you are watching instruction for another, seemingly unrelated technique and BAM! Something clicks- there was something in technique that was shown which somehow gives you insight into that problem that has been irking you all week, month, forever and ever…

So go to class: while the technique that is being taught may not be your favorite, or something you feel doesn’t apply to your game, you could possibly pick up on some detail that could help you in a different way.

Those are my two cents for the day: have a great day everyone!


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