Training for Opportunities, Drilling for Execution

One thing that comes up a lot is what people prefer- drilling or training (or rolling/sparring, if you will). You have people who prefer to roll- they live for open mats, it always seems like they have the unspoken question on their minds, “when can we start training?” 

You also have the people who mostly prefer drilling: they embrace the grind, working tirelessly to perfect that sweep or submission time and time again.

So what is more beneficial? Well, they both are. Drilling perfects your execution of the technique, creating a muscle memory so you can go through the motions without a second thought.

Training however helps you recognize opportunities in real time to best judge when it’s time to execute those techniques: you are rarely going to sweep someone while they are standing still: they are working just as hard as you to advance their position, Training gives you a chance to better recognize when an opportunity for a technique presents itself, so you can execute those things you’ve been tirelessly drilling.

Which do you prefer? Let me know- otherwise, have a great day everyone!




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3 responses to “Training for Opportunities, Drilling for Execution

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  2. Danteofdoom

    I prefer training. It is what keeps me coming back. Really should drill more though. I do like to do focused training. Try and go into a session with a technique in mind and see if I can get it right.

  3. Drilling at open mat, with progressive resistance. Though in my case, I should probably spar more, as I sometimes hide from it by just doing more drilling. 😉

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