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Rolling While Moderately to Seriously Injured: Uh, Don’t.

Granted, I should listen to my own advice sometimes but really, if you are what you would considered moderately to seriously injured, DON’T ROLL. Maybe get some drilling in at your own pace, but for pete’s sake, don’t make your condition worse than it already is.

When you get to a place where the pain is more of a nuisance than a show-stopper, then start to think about maybe taking the slow, easy approach to training with some lower belts to get you back into the swing of things. Jiu jitsu isn’t going anywhere, I promise you. I know it feels frustrating, that other students can train and are possibly getting better than you while you sit on the sideline, but putting yourself at risk for a more serious injury just isn’t worth it.

Those are my two cents for the moment- have a great day everyone!

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