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Jiu Jitsu and Life: Paying Attention to the Details

Hi everyone, I know the blog has been a little lackluster as of late- a lot of links to (good) articles, and very little original content. It’s the busy season for my line of work, and…it’s just been a trip. We’re in the process of hiring someone and I have been looking over resumes and have been involved in correspondence with some candidates, and sweet baby jesus guys. Just like jiu jitsu, you skip a particular detail and think everything is fine, but it can make all the world of a difference between the successful execution of a technique, or getting stopped right in your tracks.

In the work world I’m mainly referring to typos: PROOFREAD EVERYTHING YOU SEND TO A POTENTIAL EMPLOYER. Like, at least 3 times. Have someone else read it too if catching spelling/grammatical errors is not necessarily your strong suit. Obviously in jiu jitsu we make mistakes, but that’s why we keep going to class: our classmates and instructors can be viewed as your proofreaders- they are pointing out mistakes or gaps that can be corrected before you out your jiu jitsu out there in the world, at say a tournament.

Just my thought for the day. Have a great day everyone!

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