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Article on the Dangers of “I’ll Do BJJ When…”

Hey everyone,

JiuJiu BJJ has an article on the pitfalls of telling yourself “I’ll do BJJ when…”

Not that I’m in any sort of position to judge anyone- it’s your life and you have your own path to walk, but when you tell yourself those things, you’re placing your training time in that dangerous, ephemeral place of “someday”. It drives me crazy when people talk about doing things “someday”, because I have a tendency to say  “someday is the day before never”.

“Someday I’ll lose that last ten pounds”

“Someday I’ll learn that foreign language”

You get the idea. In reality there’s no “perfect” time to do jiu jitsu. There’s no “perfect” time to do anything, really. Are you ready, willing and able to do jiu jitsu? No major injuries, illnesses, looming responsibilities that need to be taken care of immediately such as taking a friend to the hospital, test you have to take right now or poopy diapers that need to be changed? No? Then I say try to make the effort to go to jiu jitsu. Just show up with your appropriate gi and other workout gear and a willingness to learn and try, and we’ll work it out from there.

Anyway, check out the article, let me know what you think and have a great day everyone!


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