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Article on Self Taught Jiu Jitsu Student

So I typically say “Sensei Youtube is not your friend”- he’s more of like that dude at a party that’s cool to hang out with, and you’re always willing to listen to their wild stories but there’s no way you would want them to babysit your dog. Watching techniques on youtube can offer interesting perspectives and can be entertaining, but should not be taken as gospel.

That being said, here’s a story about a kid who made the whole self taught/Youtube thing work for him. There are definitely some valid points: due to the self study it forced him to explore all sorts of games and avenues of jiu jitsu, as opposed to following a particular school’s curriculum. This is also an interesting story because it’s so rare, not because this should become the standard.

Check it out, let me know what you think- otherwise, have a great day everyone!

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