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Jiu Jitsu and Warm Ups- Setting the Tone

This is just something I was thinking about last night: it could be considered arbitrary, but hear me out. How you start class can more often than not set the tone for the kind of class you are going to have. Take your warm ups, for example: there are very few people who enjoy warm ups, but how you get through them will probably have a pretty large impact on how the rest of your class will go, mainly because it’s setting the mindset you have for the class period. Are you half-assing it, just waiting for the next thing to happen, or are you present and attentive during them, really trying your best (regardless of how well or how poorly you do them).

Personally I think whatever mindset you start with in the beginning of the class will dictate how the rest of the class will go. And, your actions will mirror whatever mindset you’re in, which your teammates will see and will react to¬†accordingly. I’m not trying to put anyone on the spot, but personally I would rather drill with the person that appears to be willing, ready and able to put in the work for the class, rather than someone who by all appearances doesn’t want to be there.

So think about that next time you go to class: be mindful of what sort of mindset you are in walking onto the mat, because it may be having an effect on the rest of your time in class.

Just some rambling thoughts I had: have a great day everyone!

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