Applying BJJ to Real Life: Falling Properly

Early this week the mid Atlantic/Northeast of the US was basically covered in ice: well, Philadelphia was, at least.

How does this relate to jiu jitsu? Well, if there is one thing I have applied from my jiu jitsu and grappling training into my real life, it’s (thankfully) how to fall without tremendously hurting myself.

People have asked me repeatedly if I’ve had to use my jiu jitsu skills in a real life situation- usually I think they are asking if I have been in a fight, so I reply “um, no?” But really, I have used my skills- I properly fall when slipping on some nearly invisible patch of ice so I don’t end up truly injuring myself.

So thanks Kano and Helio- you guys have kept me from a broken tail bone, or some other silly, inconvenient injury due to inclement weather- and jerks who don’t put salt on their sidewalks.

That’s all for today, folks: have a great day everyone!



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