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Jiu Jitsu and Feeling Overwhelmed

Again, this is one of those “BJJ and everyday life” moments overlap- I think often in our jiu jitsu, in our every day lives, we’re hit with a barrage of information, expectations, demands, requests, and it can seem overwhelming at times. It’s like rolling and seeing all the things that you can do in a situation, and feeling a need or obligation to do all of them.

In these moments I find it best to take a second, ground yourself, refocus and then move forward. No one can do everything at once: it’s simply impossible. unless you find a way to spontaneously clone yourself, in which please teach me your secret. Some things you can complete right now, and there are just some things that are going to have to wait until next time. That’s really it: you need to make a decision and then stick with it. And you have to be ok with that fact. It’s frustrating at times, I know, but it’s equally frustrating to be overwhelmed by everything and not doing anything. It”s better to pick a course, for better or worse, than to just stand still, paralyzed by indecision. That’s my personal thought on the matter, anyway.

Just some thoughts for the morning: relax, breathe deep, and move forward. And have a great day everyone!



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