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You Can Do It

I recently played the beginning of this song to my co worker, who is a bit stressed, just as a fun and gentle reminder that nothing that has to be done is impossible and that I am willing to help out.

It’s also something I feel we should all remind ourselves of once in a while: that technique that you feel is “impossible”, whatever difficulties you are facing in jiu jitsu, and otherwise, you can in fact do it- we all can take on those challenges and reach those goals. We may need to push ourselves harder than usual (but you know, still within reason- nothing that would be detrimental to our health) ┬ábut our goal still is indeed attainable.

So here’s your reminder: you’ll understand that technique, you’ll progress, you’ll get that stripe or promotion. We can do it!

That’s all for today folks- have a great day!

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