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Reasons to Not Train Jiu Jitsu

We talk all the time about the reasons why someone should join jiu jitsu, but I decided I am going to point out all the reasons you should not start jiu jitsu:

1.You really like being constantly stressed out. 

I’m sorry friend, but if you don’t like feeling any sort of relief from the stressors in your life- work, home, school, that growing feeling of pedestrian rage while walking down a busy street. One of the nasty side effects of jiu jitsu is that it offers perspective on life- giving you the ability to see the forest for the trees, and lets you take a step back from all the issues that plague you off of the mat. It that doesn’t sound appealing to you, then I would strongly suggest to NOT join jiu jitsu

2. You abhor the idea of becoming healthier, and/or hate the idea of enjoying a workout.

Again, an unfortunate side effect of jiu jitsu: it forces you to become active AND mentally engaged in the present, which seriously holds up your goal of becoming morbidly obese, or your usual routine of mindlessly running on a treadmill and praying that time magically speeds up to get you out of this awful chore…er, workout.

3. Gaining confidence and feeling good about yourself is totally not your thing.

Pride in mastering a technique or skill? If you’re a fan of wallowing in your own self loathing and feeling like a failure at life, I’m sorry to say jiu jitsu is not for you.

4. You absolutely HATE making new friends.

If you can’t STAND the idea of being friends, being around people who will provide a support system, then you’re trying the wrong sport then. Maybe you would be more comfortable with people watching, scowling as everyone passes by? That sounds more your speed.

5. You just plain hate fun. 

If you’re like the Grinch 24/7, and happiness and joy don’t exist in your vocabulary, then this is not the sport for you. It can’t be helped: it would be a herculean effort to not have fun in jiu jitsu.

So there you have it, five reasons not to start jiu jitsu. Let me know if there are more you would like to add- otherwise, have a great day everyone!


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