Back Into the Swing of Things..For Now

Good morning everyone! Thanksgiving was fun and all, but now it’s time to get back into training…Until Christmas, that is.

Understandably, I feel like this is when the gym becomes a ghost town. Parties, holiday shopping, and indulging in one too many holiday cookies which leads to laying on the couch with a full tummy and not training.

While it’s certainly tempting to just not go to class, I would still strongly encourage you to make it to class when you can. Reinforce the habit of attending class, of training, of staying in that mindset, even if you did have that pumpkin donut that was just sitting at work, calling your name…

Anyway, think of it this way: the more you train now, the less guilty you’ll feel down the line. Everyone wins!

That’s all for today, folks. Have a great day everyone!

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One response to “Back Into the Swing of Things..For Now

  1. I agree – it’s time to go to class and train! I’m trying to get in as many classes as possible, knowing the winter weather is coming and there will be nights I just don’t want to drive home on the bad roads. Thanks for the motivation!

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