Article on Getting Stuck in The Middle With You…Jiu Jitsu

In talking with teammates, a common theme I hear is that people feel stuck in their current rank: they don’t feel like they are progressing, they’ll never get that next stripe, belt, whatever. I imagine we’ve all done it: I definitely remember several times at blue belt thinking “Well, seems like I’m going to stuck here for forever” and deciding to pull a Dory from Finding Nemo and “just keep swimming”.

Chewy over at Chewjitsu addresses this feeling with his recent article about feeling stuck in BJJ, along with some suggestions on things you can do to feel unstuck.

Check it out, preferably with “Stuck in the Middle with You” playing in the background, which I’ll provide for you below….Because that’s just where my mind went when I first saw the article title. Also, this band had a music video- I had no idea.

Anyway, have a great day everyone!


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