Wrestling and a Poorly Written Article About It

Over the weekend I had the the chance to read a pretty ridiculous article on the website Vice, which “talked” about homo-eroticism in wrestling. Silly me thought there would be some sort of study or actual research involved- considering the beginning of the article states how the author “comprised an essay” about homoeroticism in wrestling- maybe it would include some quotes from historical documents, something factual that would represent what I’m assuming to be a minority in the wrestling community.

Instead I browsed through some photos of some dudes wrestling with- really the best word I can find is “obtuse”- statements regarding wrestling.

(in regards to clothing) “… it is tight against their torsos, chest, and thighs, revealing the shapes of their often muscular bodies.”

“They fall, roll, dip, and jump onto the ground, which acts as a platform for each [man] to pin their opponent against.”

“They grab, touch, pull, and push one another.”

“These men are physically strong.”

…Really, dude? You just described about half of the contact sports in the world.

It’s not that I’m angry with this article (although looking through some of the comments, I can tell a number of people are) but if you are going to “comprise an essay” at least have some actual information to back it up: not just general, vague statements and a couple of pictures.

At the heart of it, it’s a poorly constructed piece, and shame on Vice for publishing something with such little substance.  Check it out if you would like and let me know what you think.

Otherwise, have a great day everyone!



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2 responses to “Wrestling and a Poorly Written Article About It

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  2. RL

    the author is an “artist”. art doesn’t need facts or intellectual insight, unfortunately. :/

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