Jiu Jitsu Silly Confession Time

So, in my attempts to prove that black belts are just people too- humans who struggle along side our teammates with certain things in jiu jitsu, I have a confession to share with you: I really struggle with one of the exercises our academy does during our warm ups. It’s a little silly, and a touch embarrassing, but there you have it.

We call it a “power up” in our academy- basically it’s a backwards roll into a handstand push up. And I’m pretty awful at it. I had gotten the hang of it for a while, then I injured my shoulder and just couldn’t perform that motion without a tremendous amount of pain, so instead I did something else as a substitute. Now my shoulder is feeling substantially better, and I’m sort of back to square one with this power up.

I know I’ll eventually get back to doing this, but I just wanted to share my frustration. I think there’s an image sometimes that “black belts can do anything!” well, we’ve been practicing jiu jitsu for a long time, so we do that pretty well, but there are things that still trip us up now and again.

That’s all- have a great day everyone!


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2 responses to “Jiu Jitsu Silly Confession Time

  1. I’m a black belt, I can’t do it either. Oh well, no inverted donkey guard for us.

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