Jiu Jitsu and Mindful Movement

This is one of those things that just happens, and it’s tremendously important, but we don’t really talk about it too much, as it just happens organically. As you continue to learn and develop skills in jiu jitsu, you tend to cut out excessive movements, and engage more and more in mindful movement- there is a great reduction in arm flailing, and excessive movements that don’t really lead to anything. You find that each movement that you engage in has a purpose, for the most part: it’s to set up a technique, to defend, to put your opponent in a position that is advantageous for you- you’re not moving just for the sake of moving.

This reduction in unnecessary movement also reduces the amount of energy you waste: we all want to avoid being gassed, so we need to find ways to improve our energy stores, and to conserve what energy we have. In a best case scenario, we try to do both. And thirdly, unnecessary movement can cause unnecessary openings for your opponent to take advantage of in a match: when you move with purpose, you also (hopefully) take in account the risk involved in each movement, and how your partner may try to take advantage of that opportunity.

So, I would suggest that you be mindful of your movement during your next training- cut off the excess fat, if you will, to have a leaner game with more…meat, I guess, if we’re following that analogy.

Just my thoughts for the day: have a great day everyone!

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