Words From Saulo: A White Belt with Stripes is Already a Master

So, Saulo Ribeiro- multiple world champ in jiu jitsu, judo black belt, head of the Ribeiro Association… well, he has this habit of making these bold statements that seem to come out of nowhere, but ultimately turn around and actually make sense.

Case in point, recently BJJEE recently published an article about how Saulo said that a white belt with stripes is already a master, which probably made a lot of jiu jitsu people scratch their heads. But, true to form, what he says does make sense-

 “If you are doing jiu-jitsu and are a one stripe white belt, then you are a ”master“ and can already teach some jiujitsu to someone from your family or friends…Some say .. “I’m just a white belt ..” Do not say it like that, say it with pride! If you are white belt well, you took a decision to start jiu-jitsu, and many people are scared to make that first step. If you are white belt with a couple of degrees, the you can defend yourself against 90% of people out there. Go your way, and never stop learning.”

Check out the article for yourself, and have a great day everyone!

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