Renewing your “Contract” with BJJ

There are several times in our jiu jitsu adventure where we come to a crossroads, if you will. We are presented with the choice of either recommitting ourselves to the sport, or we bow out, say “thanks for all the memories” and walk away.

There’s no set time frame for when these points in time happen- but when they do come it’s up to you to decide whether or not you choose to continue. As much as we talk about the supportive, family atmosphere of jiu jitsu, it’s not up to your coach, your teammates, friends, family or significant others to decide whether or not to continue: it is all on you- it’s your happiness, your progress (or lack, thereof) that’s on the line. At the end of the day you will have to look yourself in the mirror and live with that decision.

Hopefully all of you will decide to continue and “renew” that contract with jiu jitsu: diversity is key to the sport, and I am sure all of you bring unique ideas, questions and points of view to your academy and to the sport in general, which help it continue to evolve.

Just some thoughts for the day- have a great day everyone!


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