Happy Friday! Fake Black Belt Edition

Happy Friday everyone!

I just read an article on fake black belts in jiu jitsu, and honestly it made me extremely anxious. We talk about how it’s a disgrace, how so many people spend so much time honing their skill and it’s a sham, but there’s also this: not only do people look up to you at a higher rank, but in a lot of ways it’s sort of like pretending to be an airplane pilot, or doctor- there’s a very good chance your actions could really hurt someone, or a lot of people.

Think about some of the techniques that we employ on the mat: the chokes, the joint locks, all of it. Now think of someone with little to practically no experience at all attempting to teach these techniques to someone else with little to no experience. It’s the blind leading the blind navigating along the ledge of a cliff- sure, there is a chance that everything will turn out all right, but there’s a ridiculously high chance that things will go very, very wrong.

Anyway, I know I’m preaching to the choir, but those are my thoughts for the day. Have a great weekend everyone!


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