My Favorite Kind of Jiu Jitsu Student: The Ones Who Try

This may sound totally awful, while I do try to treat everyone fairly, I realize I have a favorite kind of student in jiu jitsu.

The ones who try.

Young, old, fat, thin, male, female, the ones who get it with grace and ease, and the ones who don’t and fumble their way through techniques- it doesn’t matter. If you are on the mat and you are honestly putting your energy and focus into learning the technique, I’m a total fan. Fortunately that means I’m partial to pretty much every single person that walks on the mat, so that’s nice.

Regardless of skill level, of physical ability, I respect and admire when someone puts their best effort forward. Not everyone get techniques on the first try, not everyone is in peak physical condition, but there is certainly something to be said for someone who still does what they can, still learning and attempting to apply those skills even when there is a moderate to high chance of failure. That’s what we’re all here for, right? To learn, to try, to fail, to learn from those failures, try again and eventually succeed.

Just a thought I wanted to share with you all: have a great day everyone!


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