Science! Sleep for Your Health

Like most humans, I am in full support of studies that basically tell me to do the the things I already enjoy doing: be active and do jiu jitsu, eat peanut butter, drink coffee and sleep. Don’t take my simple pleasures away from me.

well, luckily there’s a study that was recently published that supports more sleep (yay!), stating that people who do not get enough shut eye are up to four times more likely to catch a cold. And we jiu jitsu people hate getting colds.

“Short sleep was more important than any other factor in predicting subjects’ likelihood of catching [a] cold,” Aric Prather, lead author of the study, said in a statement. The findings were published in the journal Sleep”

So check out the article, get enough sleep, and don’t be the rhinovirus outbreak monkey in the academy.

Have a great day everyone!

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  1. Anne

    You’ve basically summed up some of my favorite things right there: “be active and do jiu jitsu, eat peanut butter, drink coffee and sleep” 🙂

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