Stop Thinking and Just Go

Not that I’m really into talking about my teammates (I always think it’s sort of odd) but recently I’ve been working with one teammate on some fundamentals. This past week or so we’ve been talking about flow rolling and its benefits.

We’ve all been guilty of it, at some point or another: we think about what we want to do to the point where we will stop, and at that point the opportunity has already passed us by. Many of us have an inner monologue that plays while we roll, and sometimes that inner voice can be tremendously helpful- encouraging, telling us when we have our points, whatever. And it’s always encouraged to move efficiently, to advance with purpose. But sometimes you just need to tell that inner voice to shut up: you need to embrace the inner silence and just let your body do its thing, otherwise you think so much about what you are supposed to do that the actual opportunity to do whatever it is passes you right by. Sometimes you just need to trust in your muscle memory, trust in your jiu jitsu and just roll.

Just thought I would share. Have a great day everyone!


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