Both Ends of the Spectrum: Focusing on the Short Term and the Long Haul

Jiu jitsu has a pretty interesting progression, when you think about it. On the one hand we understand this is an art that takes twice as long to achieve your black belt as others: 8-10 years is a tremendously long time to do anything, really.

One the other hand there is a very steep learning curve in the beginning, and progress comes in jumps and spurts, not just a steady progression. So we focus on the short term- making sure we get to class, drilling a million times and training all the time, building ourselves up to that next level of progression.

And I think problems arise when someone focuses too much on one or the other. You focus too much on the short term, you become frustrated at the lack of progression, you focus too much on the long term you run the risk of becoming complacent or quitting.

By maintaining a balance between the two, you can focus on those little steps, but also keep in mind they are the smaller pieces to the (much) bigger picture, which will take some time to build.

…Those are just my thoughts for the moment. Have a great day everyone!



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2 responses to “Both Ends of the Spectrum: Focusing on the Short Term and the Long Haul

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  2. My very favorite game, Acquire, has the same issue – those who ONLY focus on the long term goal end up with zero cash during the game, and they have nothing to do. Those who ONLY focus on the short term goal end up with much smaller amounts of cash, though they get it more frequently. The winners are the ones who have balanced the short term goals and the long term.

    What helps me keep my eye on the prize, so to speak, is to look back at the beginning. To see how far I’ve come. Looking back is helpful for me. I think that what is NOT helpful as far as looking back goes – is comparing yourself to a time you trained more or were more enthusiastic. I think that’s where a lot of issues come from when people take time off – they start bemoaning how much ground they’ve lost. In that case, keeping the short term in mind – going to class, building up consistency, without forgetting that their goal is to be here for the long run.

    Nice post!

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