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Banning BJJ for Kids?

For realsies?

According to White Belt BJJ, there is a change.org petition to ban children from practicing jiu jitsu, deeming that teaching children to apply a choke or a joint lock to be potentially dangerous to these kids, and the fear that children will use these techniques when there is no authority figure present, putting themselves and other children at risk.

“Applying chokeholds or submission locks to children under the age of 12 should be illegal…as they provide no societal good, put a vulnerable population at risk of harm, and could lead to an increase of children choking other children when adults are not present to provide a stoppage to such holds, if they are drilled as “go to” moves during their regular practice.”

So, what you’re telling me is rather than teach a child discipline, respect for others and the serious consequences of their actions, you’re just going to try and avoid the situation all together. Because, you know, that will end well.

Yes, jiu jitsu can be dangerous. But so is bike riding, tree climbing, jumping off a diving board into a pool. Rather than avoid these situations, teach children the importance of these actions, how these are potentially dangerous techniques and how to take care of your training partner/fellow competitor. Sure, it’s not a perfect system- children will forget, someone will get a little overzealous, but if the movie Final Destination taught me anything, it’s that there are dangers afoot with every step we take.

That do you guys think? Let me know- otherwise, have a great day everyone!


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