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Happy Friday! Muzzy Edition

Happy Friday everyone!

So in December my roommates and I are headed to Spain for 8 days, courtesy of a pretty sweet Groupon deal. I’m super excited…but I haven’t seriously focused on Spanish since my Sophomore year of high school. Which, believe it or not, was quite some time ago.

Anyway, we tried watching some tv shows in Spanish… That didn’t go so well. We decided that we need to pull it back a bit and go a little slower, and got on the subject of Muzzy. Anyone else remember these commercials?

Well hold onto your hats friends, because someone put the original Muzzy videos onto Youtube! I can’t embed a playlist on here, but if you are so inclined, search for Muzzy in youtube (and probably whatever language you want) and go nuts with the nostalgia/language learning.

And have a great weekend everyone!

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