Science! People Age at Different Rates

This is one of those things that you sort of just know, and then science confirms it for you: apparently you can exist on this planet for the same amount of time as another human on this planet, but in terms of biology, your ages can be completely different.

According to an article published on IFLScience, researchers at Duke University pooled together approximately 1,000 subjects from the same area and born the same year, and tested these subjects at different ages: 26, 32 and 38.

“The team used 18 physiological markers of risk for age-related chronic diseases – such as organ function, metabolism, blood pressure, and even the length of their telomeres – to calculate the participant’s biological age, and then compared it with their actual age.

“While many of the participants’ biological years matched fairly accurately with how many birthdays they’d had, there were quite a few outliers. One had an impressive biological age of 28, meaning that they’d effectively aged zero years for each birthday, while another had a worrying biological age close to retirement at 61. This means that the individual had aged on average three years for every birthday.”

I would like to think the person that had a biological age of 28 engaged in a healthy lifestyle: no smoking, minimal drinking and engaged in physical activity, like so many of us do. Wishful thinking, but you know, a girl can dream.

Check out the article, and have a great day everyone!

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