It’s Birthday Beatdown Time!

Good morning everyone!

So we have a tradition in our academy- as a way to wish someone a very happy birthday, everyone in class lines up and throws that person with their preferred judo throw/takedown. I had my beatdown last Monday, and our coach was nice enough to film the whole thing. You’ll notice there’s someone in the back who is also getting thrown- she’s a white belt who is from out of the country (Colombia) and has to move back at least for a while, so it was sort of a send off for her as well.

Here’s part one- there are two videos total and the second one is taking forever at the moment, but here is a taste of it.

I’ll upload the rest when youtube finally gets it act together. In the meantime, enjoy!


Youtube finally pulled through and I can now show you the second part of the birthday beatdown…It’s over 3 minutes long- it’s ok, I won’t be offended if you don’t watch all the way through:


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2 responses to “It’s Birthday Beatdown Time!

  1. We do a 2 minute round with everyone. It’s fun.

  2. Hah very nice, at my Aikido dojo the various students would give said birthday student X amount of ukemi throws, whereas X is their birthday number (turning 30 you get 30 throws). Fun times!

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