Science! Chocolate Will Most Likely NOT Keep You From Developing Heart Disease and Stroke

Whomp, whomp.

A recent article on IFLScience tries to let us all down gently and inform us that eating chocolate will probably not help in preventing heart disease and stroke- why would people believe this in the first place? The article nails it on the head, actually:

” When it comes to indulgences like chocolate, we want to hear we can eat them without any health consequences, or even better, that they come with health benefits.”

Very true, IFLScience, very true. It’s the same lie I tell myself when I eat an acai bowl with peanut butter and all other sort of “healthy” toppings…


…And by one, I really mean three.

Whatever, don’t judge.

It’s sort of disappointing news to highlight, but also an important reminder: if it’s too good to be true, it probably is.

Check out the article, and have a great day everyone!


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